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LOOP is the versatile loop for the IO White Cane. Among other things, it serves as a practical hanger, additionally secures your folded IO during transportation and marks your individual handle position. LOOP is made of food-safe silicone and high-quality stainless steel. It is opened and closed by a simple mechanism. When open, LOOP can be used as a finger loop or as a hanger, a practical function in everyday life. With LOOP you can additionally secure your folded IO for transportation. LOOP can also be freely positioned along the handle so that you can quickly find your preferred grip position. The color can be chosen according to individual preference, LOOP is available in black, grey and neon yellow.

Technical data

LOOP labeling: LOOP_01_01 (black), LOOP_01_02 (grey), LOOP_01_03 (neon yellow)

Length: 175 mm

Width: 22 mm

LOOP weight: 8 g

Material: silicone / stainless steel

Scope of delivery

LOOP loop
Assembly instructions

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