LOOP is the versatile loop for the IO White Cane.


LOOP is a handy loop made of food-safe silicone. It is opened and closed by a simple mechanism. Whether as a finger loop, hanger or transport lock: LOOP is a practical accessory for everyday use.


With LOOP you can additionally secure your folded IO for transportation.


LOOP can be freely positioned along the handle so that you can quickly find your preferred grip position.


LOOP is available in three colors: black, grey and neon yellow.

FIX is the safety device for the GEO rolling tip.


FIX is an optional safety device for the GEO rolling tip. It firmly connects the GEO to the white pole IO, preventing spontaneous and unintentional release of the rolling tip.

FIX is compatible with GEO high and GEO flat.


Stay flexible in everyday life! Changing the GEO rolling tip is nevertheless easy. The rolling tip is unlocked with a few turns of the receiver.


GEO can be removed from the holder and replaced as usual. GEO is secured again after screwing the holder back in.

CAP is the transport cap for the GEO rolling tip.


CAP is attached to the GEO high or GEO flat roller tips with just one click. An innovative snap-on connection keeps the cap in place for as long as you need it.


CAP traps dirt adhering to the roller tip. This allows you to store your IO White cane neatly in your bag and it always makes a tidy impression when placed on tables and benches.


With CAP, you can easily replace the used GEO rolling tip without having to touch it.

The versatile LOOP loop, the FIX safety device and the CAP transport cap are the new accessories for the IO white pole and the GEO rolling tip. LOOP, FIX and CAP support optimal handling of the white cane and the requirements of everyday life. We have developed them in close cooperation with IO users.