IO is very light, ergonomic and particularly visible by day and night. Innovative functions make it a reliable companion.

A tactile cane, folding cane, white long cane or colloquially blind cane helps to be able to move safely and self-determined. In road traffic, it is internationally recognised as an official protection and recognition sign and is also aimed at all sighted road users.

It wasn’t always that way. In 1931, Guilly d’Herbemont used white canes for the first time to improve the safety of visually impaired people in an increasingly motorised Paris. Today, the Frenchwoman is officially considered the inventor of the White Cane.

The White Cane IO is supplied as standard in combination with a GEO rolling tip.

IO product features


The advantages of carbon can be felt right in the palm of the hand: IO is stable, sensitive to touch and very light.

A section of the White Cane IO in the folded state.
The White Cane IO with the ergonomically shaped handle in the foreground.


The curved handle follows the natural hand position. It offers a variety of grip positions and thus relieves the wrist. IO can be guided in the pendulum grip (stair technique) by placing the thumb in the recess at the lower end of the grip.


IO combines a reflective film for nighttime visibility with a neon yellow film for daytime visibility and twilight.

A detail of the White Cane IO with the handle in black carbon, the reflective foils in silver and the neon yellow foil.
The IO joint in its original state and at the moment of yielding.


The patented IO joint is shaped to give way in a controlled manner in the event of a collision with obstacles in all directions, thus protecting against damage.


IO can be opened and closed quietly and in a controlled manner, even in the tightest of spaces.

The White Cane IO in the state of unfolding.
The handle and the first stick segment of the White Cane IO in folded condition.


When folded, IO is held together easily and firmly by two magnets.


IO has a standard M8 thread for easy mounting of the GEO rolling tip – as well as all commercially available rolling tips.

The rolling tip GEO with the M8 standard thread and the white cane holder in detail.
The White Cane IO in detail with the product identification information.


IO is certified according to the European Directive for Medical Devices (EU)2017/745. IO is patented and has won international design awards. Made in Germany.

For left- and right-handers IO is available in the known standard lengths (cm): 107, 112, 117, 122, 127, 132, 137, 142, 147, 152, 157. A combination with the suitably developed rolling tip GEO is particularly suitable.

IO is equipped with the IF universal design and the IF universal design
consumer favorite award.

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The following is an audio version of the IO user manual.