Our aim is to improve the mobility of people with visual impairments.

whitecane. develops and designs medical products which are of high quality, thoughtfully designed and certified according to European guidelines.


IO is a white cane (blind cane) for people with visual impairment. Find out how it helps to achieve visibility, orientation and mobility with particular lightness, well thought-out ergonomics and intelligent functions.

The folded White Cane IO, one with the handle in the foreground and one with the lower segment and the rolling tip GEO tall in the foreground.]
The GEO roll tip tall and flat in view.


GEO is the light rolling tip for the White Cane IO. Discover the special features of the two versions GEO tall and GEO flat.


LOOP is the versatile loop for the IO White Cane. Among other things, it serves as a practical hanger, additionally secures your folded IO during transportation and marks your individual handle position.


FIX connects the GEO rolling tip firmly and securely to the IO white cane: a small product with a big impact!


CAP is the transport cap for your GEO high or GEO flat. It keeps pockets and surfaces clean when you take off and stow away your rolling tip or White cane IO.

Kerb stones, bumps or steps can be obstacles on roads and pavements. And suddenly new ones are added all the time. A parked car or parked bicycle create additional barriers in public spaces. The White Cane IO in combination with the GEO rolling tip helps you to be independent and mobile despite different challenges.