GEO is the right supplement for IO. The light rolling tip is available in two versions: tall and flat.

The rolling tip GEO tall in view.

GEO tall

At only 32 g, GEO tall is very light compared to standard rolling tips. The slanted upper side glides effortlessly over edges – such as overhanging steps. This makes GEO tall highly versatile and is recommended as standard as a rolling tip for the White Stock IO.

The rolling tip GEO flat in view.

GEO flat

GEO flat focuses on maximum lightness. While the rolling tip has the familiar spherical shape on the underside, the flat top side noticeably reduces the weight of the rolling tip. GEO flat weighs only 23 g.

GEO product features

View of the GEO tall mounted on the White Cane IO.


The GEO rolling tips are very light compared to conventional products. With the low weight of 32 g or 23 g they are advantageously adapted to the White Cane IO.

The two components of the GEO rolling tip flat in view.


Thanks to the plug-in principle, GEO can be replaced quickly – without any tools. This means that, if necessary, GEO flat and GEO tall can also be interchanged in a very short time.

The rolling tip GEO with the M8 standard thread and the white cane holder in detail.


The GEO rolling tip is simply screwed in thanks to the M8 standard thread. GEO can therefore also be combined with other long canes (blind canes).

The GEO rolling tip flat in the top view with the information for product identification.


GEO is certified according to the European Directive for Medical Products (EU)2017/745. Made in Germany.

The White Cane IO is supplied as standard in combination with a GEO rolling tip. GEO tall is universally applicable and therefore recommended as standard rolling tip. GEO tall and GEO flat are also available separately: individually or in sets.

The following GEO operating instructions are available as a listening version.