GEO tall, dur, rolling tip

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GEO is the rolling tip for the White Cane IO. The rolling tip consists of two parts: the receptacle and the rolling body. The rolling tip has an M8 thread that can be easily screwed into the end of the IO pole. The GEO rolling element can then be mounted using a plug-in principle. An audible and perceptible click helps with this. No additional tools are required to replace the GEO rolling tip. All offered variants of the GEO rolling tip are compatible with each other and can be used with the same holder.

GEO high is available in two versions, “dur” and “moll”. The weight and external appearance of these rolling tips are almost identical. The main difference is the acoustic design of the rolling tips. GEO moll sounds softer and duller, GEO dur sounds brighter and more lively. Thus, the acoustic feedback of the IO can be adapted to the individual sensation and the respective environment by changing the roll tip.

Technical data

Labeling rolling tip GEO tall, dur: GEO_02_02

Diameter: 43 mm
Height of rolling element and mounting to threaded end: 31 mm

Thread GEO: Metric M8 thread

Weight GEO tall: 32 g

Material: plastic / metal

Scope of delivery

Rolling tip GEO tall, dur
Installation aids
Container with lubricant
Instructions for use

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